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Who we are looking for to cooperate:

Together we can achive much more. That is why we are looking for companies that have the potential and energy to support our efforts in providing our Customers with the best solutions. You know the needs of your Customers, their problems and You are looking for ways to solve them. In turn, we offer the best software and solutions for managing Your business. Together we can reach more customers by exchanging knowledge and experience.

  • Companies distributing devices and software;
  • Integrators and suppliers of their own business applications;
  • Companies providing consulting services in the field of implementation of IT solutions.

We guarantee to our Partners:

By working with us, You will receive a number of crucial solutions to help expand Your business. Joining our forces will give You access to a range of benefits including:

  • attractive income,
  • constant cooperation,
  • increasing in the number of customers,
  • extension of the offer with innovative solutions,
  • clear terms and conditions of cooperation,
  • increasing customer loyalty,
  • high-tech billing systems,
  • constant cooperation,
  • products which were trusted by Polish entrepreneurs.


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Why is it worth
to use ours services?

Low penalties for lost or damaged device

Have you checked the penalties for losing or destroying devices in other companies? Usually, they are over 50 thousand yen. This means a huge risk just for renting devices.

Lowest price without hidden charges

Some companies will offer you low prices, but usually you will be charged by "administrative fees " or "taxes". We, despite the fact that our rates are the best, charge you only for device rentals.

Wide and strong reach

Our Mobile wi-fi includes its strong signal almost the entire area described earlier, excluding high mountains.

No reservation fee

Some companies will impose high penalties if you cancel your reservation. Moreover, they usually do not reimburse the paid amount. SIMTEL partners do not impose penalties for resigning the contract until delivery / transfer of the device.