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SIMTEL - international communication without barriers.

The main purpose of SIMTEL Co., Ltd. is to provide efficient and convenient access to the internet in various locations outside the EU for those who are looking for state-of-the-art and cost-efficient solutions.

SIMTEL belong to the group of TouYouShokuSan Inc. (or TYSS), a company established in Japan in late the 1980s, which since has been providing its services mainly in Asia. Three decades of experience allows us to provide a full range of solutions at the highest level.

At SIMTEL we are focused primarily on providing internet access services for travelers going to Asia either on business or pleasure. Access services are being constantly improved and the area of coverage has increasing to Australia, Russia, Turkey among others. We are also working on other areas like Africa and North America (USA etc.). Thanks to our service you can be always in touch with your family or headquarters whenever necessary when traveling from Europe to other countries.

SIMTEL develops its services through partner relationships based on CPS and CPA models. If you are interested in increasing your profit and would like to join our group of our partners, contact us. We provide effective solutions which allow us to jointly build and grow our services which make everyday tasks easier for international travelers.

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